We Manage Your Accounts Receivable. You Get Paid Faster.

Consistency is one of the biggest drivers to getting paid on time. At Receivable.io, our A/R specialists use our innovative platform to schedule actions, complete tasks and communicate consistently for every single invoice.

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Onboarding and Analysis

Every business is a little different. So, one of the first things we do is listen.

During the onboarding phase, our team learns about your business and reviews materials involved with the overall payment process. We review the performance of your customers, analyze your service agreements and contracts, understand payment terms and identify areas for improvement.

After we kickoff the engagement, we prepare a document outlining key findings and use this information to establish a baseline for the account.

Accounts Receivable Management

Every account gets a dedicated Accounts Receivable Manager. Each day, the manager completes tasks, identifies issues and schedules any additional actions required. Consistent outreach and attention to each invoice is what’s needed for your business to get paid on time.

Every aspect of our Accounts Receivable Management process is tracked within the Receivable.io platform. The application logs emails, captures notes and monitors the performance of our follow-up process.

At any given moment, you can access Receivable.io to gain insight into your account. You can add notes, create issues and even identify a particular customer as “Inactive.” It’s important to be transparent when handling your receivables and that’s why we built a custom platform to manage the process.

Periodic Account Review

On a quarterly basis, Account Managers review the performance of your account. We revisit the onboarding documentation, review the performance of our follow-up process and identify any areas for improvement. Ultimately, your business is always changing and we make sure that we adapt to your needs.