15 Best Blogs to Follow About Quickbooks and Accounts Receivable Management

Over time, Quickbooks has become known as the number one software for managing the accounting aspect of a small business – which has, in turn, resulted in a great deal of blogs about handling both the software and the financial techniques of running your business. In no particular order, here’s a compilation of the best and most informative blogs we’ve found surrounding these topics.

#1 CPA in Erie, CO

Created by Michelle Edwards, the founder of the accounting firm Trailhead Accounting Solutions, CPA in Erie, CO is full of both Quickbooks tutorials and finance management tips from a trained professional. To get started with this blog, I recommend checking out this article with tips and tricks for collecting accounts receivables.

#2 Fit Small Business

Based in Manhattan, Fit Small Business describes themselves as a well-informed consultancy firm focused on helping small businesses with real finance issues. One blog post you wouldn’t want to miss is their compilation of 39 Free Quickbooks Online Tutorials.

#3 OSYB Number Crunch Blog

The OSYB Number Crunch blog is a collection of in-depth guides and articles about accounting, focused towards self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses. They’ve posted numerous articles surrounding Quickbooks, such as this tutorial on using classes effectively. Don’t know the first thing about using classes in Quickbooks? Their tutorial is just right for you!

#4 Small Business Profit Explosion

CPA Wayne Belisle runs the blog Small Business Profit Explosion alongside his family accounting business, which has existed since 1992. Not sure where to start? Check out his guide on how to write off past due receivables!

#5 FundThrough

The FundThrough blog is full of valuable resources about growing, financing and managing your small business. One of their best blog posts is this in-depth explanation of account receivables for those who are new in the game.

#6 Accounting Department

Being one of the most popular and well-researched accounting blogs on the web, the Accounting Department blog by Bill Gerber has hundreds of articles to keep you occupied – one that we can recommend is their post on how billing with Quickbooks Online can improve cash flow.

#7 Growth Force

GrowthForce is a blog that will always stay on topic and informative. Here you can find everything you need to know about finance and business, including how to run your own. Check out their most-shared blog post yet, detailing the seven drivers of Cash Flow.

#8 Hector’s QuickBooks Tips

Hector Garcia is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Trainer based in Miami. His blog contains several hundred guides and tutorials about QuickBooks and how to use its features, from creating custom reports in the desktop version to setting up the chart of accounts.

#9 Squire Quickbooks Advantage

Run by Chris Miller, the Squire QuickBooks Advantage blog covers a range of topics about the popular accounting software. For starters, you can check out this post on how to keep your QuickBooks data safe, a topic we all need to be experts on when using QuickBooks.

#10 LessAccounting

LessAccounting is a software for small business owners with a blog providing priceless information on bookkeeping and accounting. Their blog articles are written in an easy to understand language for any owner who doesn’t know a thing about accounting. On the topic of past due receivables, try reading their post Why Your Clients are Paying Late – Understanding How To Get Paid.

#11 AccountEx Report

Made by a diverse group of experienced accountants, AccountEx Report provides tips, tricks and resources for every accounting topic imaginable and relevant to the industry – in particular, it’s home to many useful posts about Quickbooks, such as this guide to handling customer prepayments on the platform.

#12 Fourlane

Fourlane is a thriving consulting agency founded in 2009, specializing in accounting services that works out of Austin, Texas and provides guidance to nationwide offices. Their blog articles, for example, this post about the biggest ways accounting software helps save us time, always seek to educate small businesses on how to go bigger and better.

#13 Satterley Training and Consulting

Run by the blogger and QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Heather Satterly, this blog is one of the best, most in-depth resources around for learning your way around the accounting software. Heather has written dozens of tutorials about niche QuickBooks tools and techniques. We recommend checking out this one about their Online Bookmarks feature!

#14 VARC Newsletter

VARC Newsletter has all the information you could wish for when it comes to being a QuickBooks expert – or even just someone who wants to know their way around the program! This blog post in particular, detailing how to get paid faster using Quickbooks, is both helpful and motivating.

#15 Incredibly

And for our final recommendation, while the blog Incredibly might not be as popular as some of the others on our list, it packs the same great info that the rest have to offer! A great post to start off with is their recent guide to receivables financing for small businesses. Their area of expertise is generally focused on growing and generating capital for small businesses.

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